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Age of Fog



AGE OF FOG *memoryGlimpse*

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$150 for concrete cast. 

Welcome to MemoryGlimpse, a place to store instances of the past.
The concept explores personal data as hard-memory. Store your momentary information in a 25lb occipital lobe. That last voicemail of your ex you must’ve missed during your cathartic cleanse, the snow through the streetlight on the corner when you felt untouchable, the color of the clouds the day you felt in-love again, sketches of the dream you had that stuck around.

The media contained here carries weight. Selected imagery, text, and audio act as an archive for glimpses of life that are too heavy to hold ourselves Here we hold our mementos of love, heartbreak, dreams, and inspirations.
This is your space, fill it how you see fit.